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Meet the Owners


Andrea Ross and Dale Taylor are the proud owners of Heaven on Seven catering. They met one day when Dale stopped by Andrea’s take-out eatery in Bethany, Ontario.  Dale immediately found himself taken with the area as the picturesque, rolling hills reminded him of his previous visits to England and Scotland.  Soon they not only built a home and catering business together, but were married as well.


Andrea grew up in Peterborough and became interest in a career in culinary arts through extensive travel at a young age.  Often she would get the opportunity to observe how other cultures prepared, stored and distributed food.  Many family members and friends, including her father, encouraged her to pursue a career in this field.  She opened her own takeout eatery business, and later decided to transition into catering, after receiving many requests to do so.  

Heaven on Seven food catering company owners and operators Dale Taylor and Andrea Ross
Dale Taylor & Andrea Ross, owners and operators of food catering company Heaven on Seven.

Dale grew up in Goodwood, Ontario (now famous as the filming location for the popular CBC series Schitt's Creek). A graduate of Queen's University, Dale is a former media executive, having worked in management roles at Rogers, CFTO-TV/Glen Warren Productions and senior executive strategic positions at YTV, William F. Cooke, Fireworks Entertainment, Habbo Hotel (Helsinki) & Lightbox Video.